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  JB Cine

John Blankenship

In the early nineties, John began following his cinematic dreams and became involved in independent film. He developed his talents at writing and producing and soon became interested in adding cinematography to his skill set. Drawing upon several decades of still photography experience, John translated that knowledge into learning the unique requirements of cinematography.

In the late nineties, John started Derringer Productions, a company specializing in support for independent film production. Derringer Productions has a large complement of lighting, sound, and grip equipment, including a commercial dolly, two jibs, a 16mm Arriflex camera, high-definition video camera, MiniDV camera, as well as full post production facilities including sound editing, foley, ADR, and mixing.

John has shot on formats ranging from Film, to Hi-DEF, DigiBeta, Beta SP, MiniDV, Super 8, Super-VHS, and VHS. The listing that follows contains some projects for which John has provided either Director of Photography or Lighting services within the last few years:

  Director of Photography
(Funeral Segment)
Furnished Lighting & Grip Equip.
Transit Films
Pr/Dr: Joe Herbert/Dave Herbert
Family Emergency
  Add'l Director of Photography
(Opening Scene & Insert Scene)
Furnished Lighting & Grip Equip.
KeaCo Productions
Prod./Dir.: Kehaulani Hayden
Fake I.D.
  Chief Lighting Tech. & add'l DP
Furnished Lighting & Grip Equip.
Brazen Films
Prod: Brad Hines/Harry Huston
Dir: Joel Umbaugh
An Everyday Occurrence
  Director of Photography
Furnished Lighting & Grip Equip.
Creative Media Group Int'l, Inc.
Dir.: Dylan Griffith
  D.P. (Special Interview)
Jolliff Digital Productions
Prod./Dir: Jason Jolliff
The Wendell Tragressor Story
  Director of Photography
Furnished Lighting & Grip Equip.
Prod.: John Blankenship
Dir.: Brian Craft
Rogue Runners
  Chief Lighting Technician
Furnished Lighting & Grip Equip.
Filmwave Imaging
Prod./Dir.: Steve Toney
The Overbeck Sisters: A Legacy of Spirit
  Director of Photography
Furnished Lighting & Grip Equip.
Natalie Richert Productions
Prod./Dir.: Natalie Richert
Sex For Your Soul
  Asst. D.P. & Chief Lighting Tech.
Furnished Lighting & Grip Equip.
Eight Ball Productions
Pr/Dr: Brian Craft/Aaron Mack
American Vendetta
  Chief Lighting Technician
Furnished Lighting & Grip Equip.
Windmill Productions
Prod./Dir.: JJ Stenzoski
Abuse Counseling
13 Segment seriess
  Dir. of Photography/Co-Producer
KeaCo Prod./Derringer Prod.&Post
Discovery Channel:
Diagnosis Unknown
New Dominion Pictures
Discovery Channel:
The FBI Files
  Videographer (add'l footage)
New Dominion Pictures
Live From The Clutter
TV Series
  Director of Photography
Visionary Productions
Prod.: Jerald Harkness
Dir.: John Blankenship
The Independents
TV Series
  Chief Lighting Technician
Visionary Productions
Prod./Dir: Jerald Harkness
IndyWomen Connect
Weekly TV Show
  Director of Photography
Visionary Productions
Prod.: Jerald Harkness
Music Videos:
Undabos Records
TV Commercial
  Director of Photography
Ultimate Video
TOS–The Other Side
Take A Ride
  Director of Photography
Kingdom Pictures
Prod.: Guy Camara
Dir.: Dylan Griffith
Ultimate Video
US Bounty Hunters
  Chief Lighting Technician
Ultimate Video

Along with the above, John has done camera and lighting work for a variety of commercial and industrial clients.

John Blankenship - 317-257-9900


films The look of a motion picture requires highly subjective decisions relying upon a close cooperation with all involved. John brings the attitude and dicipline to see the job completed well.
tv Speed and efficiency are cornerstones of the fast-paced world of television projects. John has developed numerous techniques and short cuts which help to streamline production.
other Advertising, corporate videos, web streaming, and other forms of modern communication, rely on versatility and flexibility. John is equipped to provide the support necessary for everything from a fully crewed film shoot to a quick corporate piece.



• Arriflex 16mm Film Camera
• Panasonic Hi-Def Video Camera
  (w/follow focus and mattebox)
• Sony MiniDV Video Camera
• Panasonic MiniDV "Crashcam"
• Hi-Def & Standard-Def Monitors
• Large Selection of Camera Filters
• O'Connor Tripod
• ITE Tripod
• "Lo-Hat" Camera Mount
• 2 O'Connor Fluid Heads
• Miller Fluid Head
• 6 Tube Biax Fluorescent Light
• 2 Tube Fluorescent Light
  (5600 & 3200 tubes for fluorescents)
• 1KW Tungsten Fresnel Lights (2)
• 650W. Daylight Balanced Lights (3)
• 600W. Tungsten Lights (10)
• 250W. Tungsten Lights (12)
• 100W. Tungsten Lights (3)
• MiniBrute 9-Light (wired 3 Edison)
• Barn Doors/Scrims/Dichroic Filters
• Dimmers
• Car Interior Lighting Kit
• C-Stands (9)
• Light Stands (16+)
• Chimera Soft Boxes (4)
• Overhead Diffusers (3)
• Assortment of Gels & Diffusion
• Add'l Diffusers, Reflectors, etc.
• LVE Dolly w/Custom Fittings
• Straight Dolly Track (over 50')
• Curved Dolly Track (full circle)
• LVE Seven Jib w/Custom Long Arm
• LVE Mini-Seven Jib
• High Output Fog Machine
• Sandbags (15)
• Large selection of stingers
• Assorted clamps, clips, and gizmos
• Sound Devices Mixers (2)
• Fostex PD4 Timecode DAT Recorder
• Digital backup recorder
• Denecke Timecode Slates (2)
• Sennheiser & Schoeps boom mics
• Rycote wind protection
• Several Boom Poles
• Assortment of lav mics (20+)
• Lectrosonics Diversity Wireless (5)
• Sony, RA, & AT Headphones
• Comtek Transmitters & Receivers
• Sound blankets and stands
• Extensive collection of connectors,
  cables, adapters, & accessories
• Walkie Talkies (8)
• Upright and Long Bed Sound Carts
• Location playback for music videos

Additional Services:
• Full Service Audio Post Production
  Sound Design, Lock to Video
  Editing, ADR, Foley, Mixing
Location Sound Services

Call 317-257-9900 for Rates and Availability.

JB Cine