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  JB Sound

John Blankenship, C.A.S.
Sound Recording, Mixing, & Editing

With experience that spans several decades, John has done audio production for radio stations, was broadcast producer for a major Indianapolis advertising agency, designed recording studios, did audio editing and production for numerous creative radio campaigns, and owned and operated a full-service 24 track sound recording studio.

In the early nineties, John began following his cinematic dreams and became involved in independent film. He developed his talents at writing and producing and later began adding cinematography to his skill set. In the late nineties, John called upon his long history and love of audio to learn the techniques of both location and post production sound for film and video. Over the last several years, a large portion of John's time has been dedicated to his services as a location sound mixer and post production sound supervisor as well as running his production company which specializes in independent film production.

Sole of a Hustla   Location Sound Mixer
True South Productions
Prod./Dir.: Chad Heeter
Two Million Minutes   Location Sound Mixer
Broken Pencil Productions
Prod./Dir.: Chad Heeter
An American Boy II   Location Sound Mixer &
Post Production Mixer
Wildwood Pictures
Prod./Dir.: Don Hughes
By the People   Location Sound Mixer &
Sound Designer
(All Post Production Sound)
Hyperbaric Productions
Prod./Dir.: Malindi Fickle
Family Emergency
  Location Sound Mixer (add'l.)
KeaCo Productions
Prod./Dir.: Kehaulani Hayden
Coming To My Senses
  Location Sound Mixer &
Sound Designer/Post Sound
Umbaugh Filmworks
Prod./Dir.: Chad Richards
Fake I.D.
  Location Sound Consultant
Brazen Films
Prod: Brad Hines/Harry Huston
Dir: Joel Umbaugh
The Postcard
  Location Sound Mixer (add'l.)
and Post Prod. V.O. Recording
Mynett/Lewis Films
Prod.: Sarah Mynett
Dir.: Kehaulani Hayden
Suspended Animation
  Sound Recording &
"Making Of" V.O. Narration
Jolliff Digital Productions
Dir: John Hancock
An Everyday Occurrence
  Location Sound Consultant
Creative Media Group Int'l, Inc.
Dir.: Dylan Griffith
Earth and Women
  Music Recording &
Post Production Sound Mixer
Differentia, Inc.
Prod./Dir.: Lyndol Michael
  Location Sound Mixer
Jolliff Digital Productions
Prod./Dir: Jason Jolliff
Diagnosis: Trauma
  Location Sound Mixer
Aching Feet Productions, Inc.
Prod./Dir: Mike Nirenberg
Roadside Ambition   Location Sound Mixer, Field Producer
Northeast Entertainment Ventures,LLC
The Wendell Tragressor Story
  Location Sound Consultant
and Sound Designer
Prod.: John Blankenship
Dir.: Brian Craft
  Sound Designer & All Post
Production Audio
Fearless Motion Pictures
Prod./Dir.: Michael Heiny
Lil' River Rats and the Adventure of the Lost Treasure
  Location Sound Mixer
Lucky Chester & Mavis, Inc.
Prod./Dir.: Dan T. Hall
Rogue Runners
  Location Sound Consultant
Filmwave Imaging
Prod./Dir.: Steve Toney
The Overbeck Sisters: A Legacy of Spirit
  Location Sound Mixer
Natalie Richert Productions
Prod./Dir.: Natalie Richert
Sex For Your Soul
  Location Sound Mixer
Eight Ball Productions
Pr/Dr: Brian Craft/Aaron Mack
American Vendetta
  Location Sound Mixer, Sound
Designer & Audio Post Prod.
Windmill Productions
Prod./Dir.: JJ Stenzoski
The Choir Invisible
  Sound Editing
Prod./Dir.: Steve Cook
CBS Network:
CBS Evening News
  Location Sound Mixer
CBS News
ABC Network:
Good Morning America
  Location Sound Mixer
ABC Productions
USA Network:
Nashville Star
  Location Sound Mixer
USA Network
Discovery Channel:
The New Detectives
(Several Episodes)
  Location Sound Mixer
New Dominion Pictures
Nat'l Geographic:
Indy Racer
Pilot Episode
  Location Sound Mixer
New Dominion Pictures
Discovery Channel:
The FBI Files
(Several Episodes)
  Location Sound Mixer
New Dominion Pictures
If Walls Could Talk
(Several Episodes)
  Location Sound Mixer
High Noon Entertainment
NBC Network:
NBC Nightly News
  Location Sound Mixer
NBC News
Discovery Channel:
Monster Nation
(13 Segments)
  Location Sound Mixer
Original Productions
Discovery Technol.:
(Striker segment)
  Location Sound Mixer
Moondog Entertainment
Discovery Health:
Goliath Caskets
  Location Sound Mixer
Kralyevich Productions, Inc.
The Food Channel:
Grill Gantua
  Location Sound Mixer
High Noon Entertainment
Live From The Clutter
TV Series
  Sound Supervisor
Visionary Productions
The Independents
TV Series
  Sound Mixer
Visionary Productions
Music Videos:
Taylor Swift
  Music Playback and
Location Sound Recording
Shawn Robbins Productions
John Mellencamp
The Americans
  Timecode Music Playback
RayGun Creative
Cynthia Layne
  Timecode Music Playback
JGIC Pictures
The Ataris
The Saddest Song
  Timecode Music Playback
The Artists Company
TOS–The Other Side
Take A Ride
  Timecode Music Playback
Kingdom Pictures

Along with numerous films and documentaries, John has done sound mixing for: The Discovery Channel  PBS  National Geographic  TNT  USA Network  ESPN  NBC  CBS  ABC  HD-Net  WB  BET  Extra  Entertainment Tonight  Inside Edition  HGTV  The Food Channel  German Television  Arabic Television  NBA Entertainment  Oprah  Dr. Phil  Rachael Ray Show  Indiana State Museum  American Experience  Speed Network  Indianapolis Motor Speedway Productions and many other local, national and international companies.

John Blankenship, C.A.S. - 317-257-9900


films Recording sound for motion pictures is a highly cooperative venture that requires the best microphones, recorders, knowledge, skills, dedication and focus to achieve a quality soundtrack. Whether capturing location sound or manipulating audio assets in post production, John brings the attitude and discipline to see the job completed well.
tv Speed and efficiency are cornerstones of the fast-pace of television projects in today's world. John has the experience, dependable equipment and dedication to capture the audio needed for high quality, yet efficient, production.
other Advertising, corporate videos, web streaming, and other contemporary communication, rely on versatility and flexibility. John is equipped to provide the audio support necessary for everything from a fully crewed film shoot to a quick and efficient corporate piece.



John carries full equipment packages for both single system sound (recording directly to a video camera), or double system sound (recording to a separate recorder, such as for film production or higher quality Hi-Definition shoots).

Whenever possible, John carries backups for all gear. From microphones and mixers, to cables, batteries, and connectors, redundancy is key.

Single System Sound:
• Sound Devices Mixers (2)
• Audio Developments Mixer
• Portabrace Mixer Cases
Boom Microphones
• Schoeps 641 supercardoid mic
• Sennheiser mkh416 shotgun mic
• Rode NT4 XY-Stereo mic
• Oktava MK012 "crash mics"
• Rycote Windscreens/Windjammers
• Rycote, LTM, & K-Tek suspensions
• 8' & 13' VDB Cabled Boom Poles
• 13' K-Tek Cabled Boom Pole
• Boom stands and holders
Lav Microphones
• Sanken COS-11 (5)
• Countryman B6 (3)
• Countryman EMW (3)
• Sennheiser MKE2 (5)
• Lectrosonics M-150 (10)
• Misc. Shure, Sony & AT lavs
Other Microphones
• Shure, Sony, Beyer, Oktava
  Crown PZM, Audio Technica
• Lectrosonics Wireless Systems (7)
• Lectrosonics plug-on transmitter
• Sennheiser Wireless Systems (2)
• R.A. HN-7506HD Headphones
• Sony & AT Headphones
• Comtek Transmitters
• Comtek Personal Receivers
• Advent Portable Speakers
• JK Audio - Telephone Handset Tap
• 20' Dual Breakaway Cable System
• 50' Dual Breakaway Cable System
• Transcription Recorders
• Sound blankets and stands
• Versa-Flex Audio Harness
• Pelican Cases
• Extensive collection of cables,
  connectors, adapters, accessories,
  gizmos and gadgets

Double System Sound:
All the above, plus:
• Zaxcom Deva nonlinear digital
  recorder w/Timecode
• Fostex PD4 Timecode DAT
  recorder w/latest firmware
• Portabrace Cases for Deva & PD4
• Digital backup recorder
• Denecke TS-3EL Timecode Slate
• Denecke TS-1 Timecode Slate
  (both slates are wireless, wired, or
   "Smart Slate" jam-sync capable)
• P-Touch Slate Labeler
• Duplex Boom Cables
• Wireless Body Pouches (5)
• Watertight Transmitter Boxes (3)
• Sharkfin Antennas (2)
• Car Top Transmitting Antenna
• Comtek Transmitters (4)
• Comtek Personal Receivers (17)
• Wireless Ear Prompter Systems (4)
• Walkie Talkies (8)
• Standard-def & Hi-def video monitors
• Upright and Long Bed Sound Carts
• More Pelican Cases

Additional Equipment:
• Lectrosonics Automatic Mixers (2)
  (multiple mic'd conferences, etc.)
• Computer playback w/Timecode
• Distribution Amplifiers
  (multiple camera feeds, etc.)

Additional Services:
• Location playback for Music Videos
  (Timecode Slates, Digital Playback
  w/Wireless interlink to amplifiers
  and Speakers)
• Pull-down Prep for for Music Videos
• Full Service Audio Post Production
  Sound Design, Lock to Video
  Editing, ADR, Foley, Mixing
Cinematography and Video
  Production Services

Call 317-257-9900 for Rates and Availability.  

Sound Cart

JB Sound