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  Derringer Post Production Services

Post Production
Derringer Post Production Services

Derringer Post Production Services maintains complete post production facilities and services that include high-definition video editing, nonlinear film editing (including negative Main Editing Baymatch-back), compositing, audio editing, foley, ADR, sound mixing, FilmEffect processing, multicamera editing, DVD and Blu-ray authoring, preparation, and "one-offs," as well as DV, VHS and Beta SP transfers.

Film and Video
Derringer has several nonlinear video workstations to match the right facilities to the job. We maintain both Avid Media Composer HD and Final Cut Pro HD systems as well as a high end digital audio workstation.

Picture Services
  • Film & Video editing
  • Avid Media Composer HD
  • Final Cut Pro HD
  • Multiple workstations
  • Cross Platform Capability
  • Video Compositing
  • DVD authoring
  • Blu-ray authoring
  • DVC-Pro Hi-Def
  • HDV Hi-Def
  • MiniDV
  • VHS & S-VHS
  • Beta SP
    (other formats availabe
      with advance notice)

Post Sound Services
At the heart of our post production sound facilities is our SADiE Digital Audio Workstation. High-end SADiE workstations are known for their sound purity and are used worldwide wherever premium quality audio is key. Foley PitWe have rapid picture lock-up using a Rorke V-MOD 100 Hard Disk Video Recorder. Monitors on the ADR/Foley stage enable the actor or foley artist to easily synchronize to picture.

Post Sound Services
  • Dialogue Editing
  • Foley Recording & Editing
  • Sound Effects Editing
  • Music Editing
  • ADR Recording
  • Music Mixing
  • Sound Track Mixing
Post Sound Facilities:
  • Picture Lock-Up
  • Timecode DAT w/Lock-Up
  • ADR/Foley Monitor
  • Foley Pit
  • Foley "Toys"
  • 36,000+ Sound Effects

Our massive sound effects library contains well over thirty-six thousand sound effects, with a cross-referenced, searchable database. We also maintain a large library of production music containing a wide variety of musical styles and genres.

An American Boy II
  Post Production Sound Mixing
Wildwood Pictures
Prod./Dir.: Don Hughes
By The People
  Sound Design &
Post Production Sound Mixing
Hyperbaric Productions
Prod./Dir.: Malindi Fickle
Coming To My Senses
  Sound Design &
Post Production Sound Mixing
Umbaugh Filmworks
Prod./Dir.: Chad Richards
The Postcard
  Post Prod. V.O. Recording
Mynett/Lewis Films
Prod.: Sarah Mynett
Dir.: Kehaulani Hayden
Suspended Animation
  Sound Recording &
"Making Of" V.O. Narration
Jolliff Digital Productions
Dir: John Hancock
Earth and Women
  Post Production Supervision,
Music Recording &
Post Production Sound Mixing
Differentia, Inc.
Prod./Dir.: Lyndol Michael
The Wendell Tragressor Story
  Editing, Compositing &
Sound Design
Post Production Sound Mixing
Prod.: John Blankenship
Dir.: Brian Craft
  Editing, Compositing,
Film Effect, Sound Design &
Post Production Sound Mixing
Fearless Motion Pictures
Prod./Dir.: Michael Heiny
The Overbeck Sisters: A Legacy of Spirit
  Editing, Compositing,
Sound Design &
Post Production Sound Mixing
Natalie Richert Productions
Prod./Dir.: Natalie Richert
American Vendetta
  Editing, Compositing,
Film Effect, Sound Design &
Post Production Sound Mixing
Windmill Productions
Prod./Dir.: JJ Stenzoski
The Choir Invisible
  Film Editing
Sound Editing
Prod./Dir.: Steve Cook
Live From The Clutter
TV Series
  Editing & Compositing
Post Production Sound Mixing
Visionary Productions
Prod.: Jerald Harkness
Dir.: John Blankenship
Healthy Living
TV Series
  Editing, Compositing &
Post Production Sound Mixing
Visionary Productions
Prod./Dir: Jerald Harkness
IndyWomen Connect
Weekly TV Show
  Editing, Compositing &
Post Production Sound Mixing
Visionary Productions
Prod.: Jerald Harkness
Several Albums
  Music Re-Mastering
Chandler Henderson Music
Music Videos:
Undabos Records
TV Commercial
  Editing, Compositing &
Post Production Sound Mixing
Ultimate Video
TOS–The Other Side
Take A Ride
  Editing Facilities, Compositing
and Post Production Sound
Kingdom Pictures
Prod.: Guy Camara
Dir.: Dylan Griffith

We have proudly served the above clients, and a wide profile of commercial and industrial projects, with a full complement of post production services.

Click here for directions to Derringer Post.  

films Post production for motion pictures requires a thorough understanding of the many options for finishing a film and preparing the full list of deliverables. From film cutting and negative match-back to complete sound track editing and mixing, Derringer Post stands ready to help give your project a competitive edge.
tv Speed and efficiency are cornerstones of the fast-paced world of television production. Derringer Post stands ready to help you maximize your television production budget.
other Advertising, corporate videos, web streaming, and other forms of rapid communication of information, rely on versatility and flexibility. Derringer Post is equipped to provide the full support necessary to complete your project on budget and on time.




With several editing bays, full service sound post and comfortable screening facilities, DPPS stands ready to serve your full post production needs.

Picture Editing
• Avid Media Composer HD System
• Final Cut Pro HD System
• AJA IO Interface
• Discreet Edit* Nonlinear Editor
Sound Editing
• SADiE Digital Audio Workstation
• Sound Forge 2-Track Audio Editor
• Rorke V-Mod 100
  Hard Disk Video Recorder
  with Picture/Sound Lock-Up
Outboard Processing
• dbx Compressors
• Orban Stereo Compressor/Limiter
• Yamaha Digital Reverb
• Alesis Digital Reverb
• BBE Sonic Maximizer
• RANE Splitter/Mixer
• Videoquip Distro
Audio Monitoring
• Mackie HR824 Speakers
• 1 R.A. HN-7506HD Headphones
• Sony 7506 Headphones
• Sony Wireless Headphones
• Soundcraft Mixer
Video Monitoring
• Sony Professional Video Monitors
• High-Definition Video Monitor
• Other NTSC Video Monitors
• Dell & LG LCD Computer Monitors
• Belkin KVM Switch Boxes
Video Recorders
• Sony HDV Hi-Def Deck
• Sony Betacam Deck
• Panasonic 7750 S-VHS Deck
• Panasonic VHS Deck
• V-Mod 100 Hard Disk Recorder
• Pioneer Real-Time DVD Burner
• Authoring DVD Burners
• Authoring Blu-ray Burner
Audio Recorders
• Fostex Timecode DAT Recorder
  With RS422 Control for Conforming
• Fostex PD4 Portable Timecode
  DAT recorder w/latest firmware
• Redbook Specification CD Burners
• Technics Cassette Decks
• Schoeps
• Sennheiser
• Sanken
• Shure
• Sony
• Beyer
• Oktava
• Countryman
• Crown PZM
• Audio Technica
• MOTU Digital Timepiece
• TAO L-Port RS-422 Translator
• RS-232 to RS-422 Translators
• RS-422 Switch Boxes
• Technics CD Players
• Symetrix Mic Preamps (4 chnls.)


We can also meet all of your location sound needs for both film and video.  

Call 317-257-9900 for Rates and Availability.